An employment agency is a company that aims to provide its clients (business/organization) with skilful and qualified candidates. They handle the entire recruitment process, which may include job advertisements, headings, telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews and candidate ratings.

Because agencies work with many clients, they often advertise for several vacancies in various market sectors. This is ideal for candidates who have extensive and diverse expertise and may be suitable for different fields or job roles. If you are looking for employment agencies in South Africa then you can search through various online resources.

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In addition, because agents typically specialize in certain job markets, they often only work with companies that recruit in their markets. For example, agencies that specialize in recruiting call centres will only work with call centres.

Recruitment agencies can be very beneficial for candidates who have special expertise and are looking for job opportunities in specialized markets. Usually, candidates who specialize in technical work roles (such as Information Technology) have difficulty finding work – because local companies are not always recruiting.

Finding a job often seems like a difficult task – but it is always useful to consult with a local recruitment agency. In short, recruitment agencies get money when candidates are given jobs – and therefore they always work mutually in favour with candidates; making the job search a little easier.